‘It is easier to build strong children than to mend broken men’

Mr. Madhu Samuel

This famous quote of great social reformer Mr.Frederick Douglass is very relevant. Without adequate mental health, challenges of life will likely fill us with doubt and anxiety. Those uncomfortable feelings can lead to negative thinking. And the negative thinking will affect our behaviour, which can inadvertently turn our life into an unpredictable failure.

A certain percentage of students in schools show signs or symptoms of mental health disorder. It could be called a silent epidemic. Whether treated or not, the children invariably go to school. And the problem they face can derivate into major problems found in Schools: chronic absence, low achievement,disruptive behaviour and dropping out.

School can play a major role in identifying problems and helping students succeed. Parental guidance and cooperation are very important in this regard.

We thank God for strengthening us, during these years of hardship and struggle as we are nearing, twenty years in the academic field in Maharashtra. We gratefully remember the services of all our well-wishers and our valued staff, for their contribution which has led to this institution’s reputed standing..

The vision of the school is to inspire in all, the desire to learn and succeed. Our school will be safe learning community, we encourage active partnership with families and the entire society. We are trying our maximum to empower our students to embrace the challenges and opportunities of the future. It is important to understand and adopt revolutionary changes of this dynamic and vibrant academic community. To meet the changing demands of the 21st century, teaching and learning pedagogies are supported by the latest technological advancements that navigates school learning culture. The current instructional tools have made students wander, into almost all the spheres of education. However using the technology as a tool in the educational realm has brought out the need for it to be used responsibily.

The school staff is very cautious and supportive in building up a perfect disciplined and peaceful campus every day. I appreciate one and all who render ideas, admiration and selfless effort to build up a blessed generation in this great nation.

All the best !

Thank you !